When was the College of Nursing established?

College of Nursing (UIC Library Archives)

Formal nursing education at the University of Illinois dates back to 1885, when the College of Physicians and Surgeons established the College Hospital to, in part, perfect the “details of nursing and after-treatment.” In 1951, the School of Nursing was created as an autonomous unit, and a four-year degree program was approved two years later. As a result, UIC became the first public institution in Illinois to offer a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. In 1959, the School became the College of Nursing and began offering graduate degrees in 1962.

In the 1970s, the College expanded to regional sites in Rockford, Peoria and Urbana, and established the first Ph.D. program for nurses in Illinois. Today, at age 65, the College has become one of the nation’s premier nursing programs.